July 3, 2010

The Psychological Differences Between Muslims and Westerners

IN AN article by Nicolai Sennels, who was a therapist and counselor for 150 Muslim criminals in Denmark prisons and 100 non-Muslim criminals, he expresses his concern that the way Muslims think may be incompatible with Western civilization.

First of all, the psychology of Muslims predisposes them to be criminals. "Even after adjusting, according to educational and economic levels, all Muslim groups are more criminal than any other ethnic group," Sennels wrote. "Seven out of 10, in the youth prison where I worked, were Muslim."

He discovered several important differences between Muslim criminals and non-Muslim criminals, all of which stem from their culture, which stems primarily from basic Islamic teachings. The three most important psychological differences he found were:
1. Anger
2. Locus of Control
3. Honor

After all this discussion, the question is: What Can Be Done About the Non-Integration of Muslims into Western Societies?

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