July 8, 2010

How Many Muslims Are Like This?

IN AN ARTICLE on JihadWatch entitled, Muslim commentator: "I find many statements in [the] Quran are not defensible in the justice system of the civilized world," I found a comment worth sharing:

Some years ago I had an Iranian neighbour with whom I used to talk quite often and befriended. He was an open, kind and intelligent fellow. What struck me most about him was his, what I thought, Western sense of humour. After a year or so of acquaintance he told me that he hates Islam, but he would never dream telling it even to his closest family. Not so much because of the fear of losing his life as fear of losing his family whom he loved and was loved by very much. He said it took him long time of doubt and hesitation before he finally disconnected from the Cult. He added he will one day tell his siblings of his rejection of islam, but not before his parents are dead. That gave me the first inkling of the morbid, perverse power with which Islam holds Muslims “in place” and the price it may cost a muslim to reject it.

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