February 22, 2015

The Seven Characteristics of Loser Nations

The following was written by William Hamilton, Ph.D.

In the Spring, 1998, issue of Parameters, the journal of the U.S. Army War College, Lt. Colonel Ralph Peters, USA (Ret.), listed the seven characteristics of what Colonel Peters calls: “The Loser Nations.”

By losers, Colonel Peters means those nations where mostly illiterate people live in poverty, suffer from a lack of health care, wholesome food, clean water and sanitation. Here’s the list:

1. Restrictions on the free flow of information.
2. Subjugation of women.
3. Inability to accept responsibility for individual or collective failure.
4. The extended family or clan as the basic unit of social organization.
5. Domination by a restrictive religion.
6. Low valuation of education.
7. Low prestige assigned to work.

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