May 14, 2011

Islamic Doctrines Include Instructions to Create a Totalitarian Islamic State

Definition of totalitarianism: A political system where the state, usually under the power of a single faction, recognizes no limits to its authority and strives to regulate every aspect of public and private life.

As Abdullahi Warfa wrote (and as so many others have pointed out):

"Islamic thought relates to the government’s role in every sector of the society including education, business, labor, sports. This school of thought regulates every aspect of individual behavior through a wide range of Islamic jurisdiction."

The idea is that "only Allah is the creator, sustainer, and master of the universe and of all that exists in it. He alone has the right to command or forbid. Hence, we must act according to Allah’s teachings. Furthermore, Allah alone is the ruler and his commandments are the laws that govern our daily activities politically, economically, and legally..."

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