April 10, 2011

Infidels Connect

ANYTHING THAT helps counterjihadists connect, unite, and coordinate action is a step in the right direction. Here's a small thing, but worth noting. Someone made this comment on a Facebook page:

My day ended up pretty sweet. I walked into work and was helping out in the front. One of the customers was in line and came up to make his purchase. His shirt said "Infidel" with an Arabic version below it. I asked him if he was an "Infidel." He made a big smiled and said "Damn right!". I shook his hand and said "so am I". As he was leaving both he and his girlfriend had big smiles on their faces. Nice to see fellow Citizen Warriors out in the world.

Want to find fellow infidels? Wear a tee shirt. On CafePress, they've got a huge variety:

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