June 19, 2010

The Anti-War Crowd Causes War

In an article entitled, The Morality of War and the Anti-War Movement, Sultan Knish writes:

"By denying that the means of preventing greater violence sometimes requires lesser violence...they bring about that greater violence.

"The Anti-War movements remain fundamentally complicit in causing many of the very wars they complain about. Their non-violence causes and creates violence by preventing the use of force that would nullify that violence at a much lesser cost. By failing to make those distinctions, their ignorance reaps a blood price from their host societies and from other vulnerable countries as well.

"Worse yet it cynically ties the hands of those who might stop the violence, while giving a green light to those who actually perpetuate the violence. The left puts forward arguments that delegitimize acts without context in simplistic slogans to avoid serious discussion of the necessity of those acts."

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